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Led Zep Icons

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The Lovers of LZ
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This community has been created for all people interested in getting or making Led Zeppelin icons to share with others. It is moderated by wolfbane. Please join and tell your friends! There are only a few rules.

Please post large selections of icons behind an LJ cut. If you only have a few, you don't need to put them behind a cut, unless you want to.
Please only post icons with relevance to Led Zeppelin.
If you are requesting an icon, be sure to be specific about what you want. Please note that I will not be doing all requests, that is also up to other members of the community.
You may advertise other Zeppelin-related communities if you'd like.

Thanks and have fun!

Feel free to link to the community using the above banner!

Our Default Icon Contest was won by cookeemonster! His icon took the prize!

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